How Evisipro delivers business value ?

Reinforcing our domain expertise and software expertise, Evisipro delivers business solutions to improve business value of enterprises. These end-to-end solutions help enterprises to be more effective in their daily businesses than before. 

Evisipro provides solutions in many areas in the industry to improvise enterprise efficiency, reduce cost, increase product value and deliver faster than earlier.

Evisipro's Application Services team forms diverse expertise in the areas where we deliver our solutions. Evisipro offers industry specific End-to-end Applications -

c) End-To-End Application Services for Manufacturing Industry
d) End-To-End Application Services for Retail Industry
e) End-To-End Application Services for New, Media and Entertainment Industry

Evisipro provides Enterprise solutions -

Evisipro provides solutions / services in packaged as well as customized applications on need basis. Below is the list of domains / solutions -

1. Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP & e-ERP )
2. Customer Relationship Management ( CRM & e-CRM )
3. Supplier Relationship Management ( SRM & e-SRM )
4. Supply Chain Management ( SCM & e-SCM )
5. Sales Force Management ( SFM & e-SFM )
6. Enterprise Process Management ( EPM )
7. Enterprise Information Management ( EIM )
8. Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM )