News, Media and Entertainment industry faces challenges due to rapidly evolving technological solutions. Traditional business models are not that successful to fulfill consumers changing expectations and remain competitive in the market at the same time. Businesses need to upgrade themselves with the help of emerging technologies.

Pre-production, post-production and digital marketing & advertisement demand quick and confirm results. Expertise in this domain will help stakeholders to achieve their goals.

Industry challenges

News, Media and Entertainment industry is facing below challenges:

  • Consumers' continuously changing expectations from the industry
  • Rapid emergence of the technology 
  • Cost-to-value pressure 
  • Delivering quality products in shrinking development cycle

Why Evisipro ?

  • Leveraging wide experience in IT services to handle critical busines processes
  • Well blend of teams' experience from IT and domain expertise helps to deliver high value solutions

How Evisipro delivers business value...

Evisipro aligns the teams towards your business objectives and focuses on developing solutions to shorten complex business processes, time & cost which improve efficiency to remain viable in the competitive world.

Footprint in News, Media and Entertainment industry

Evisipro has been working on developing innovative solutions to add value to the businesses 

Industry solutions delivered mainly in :

  • Web application as a complete solution for News and Media
  • Mobile applications for news and advertisement industries