The Hospitality Industry has been witnessing changes since the advanced technologies have started emerging. New technologies like mobility, social media competition, different digital customer acquisition channels, etc are creating new challenges for the businesses to keep high performing in the competition. The enterprises which incorporate these technologies successfully are able to overcome these challenges and keep their businesses ahead of the competition.

Industry Challenges

Hospitality businesses are noticing new challenges in today's business scenarios:

  • Fast changing demands of customers
  • Need for continuous customer engagement
  • High fixed costs and variable income
  • Need of knowing guests on and off property for better Guest Service Excellence 
  • Social media impact

Why Evisipro ?

Evisipro's experience over widely distributed domains and technologies enables serving better to hospitality businesses. Experience in area like - 

  • Mobility
  • Social media marketing
  • SM monitoring
  • CRM applications, etc

How Evisipro delivers the business value...

Evisipro leverages its excellence in various domains to deliver business value.

Footprint in Hospitality business

Evisipro has delivered end-to-end solutions for the Hospitality businesses. Mobile applications, web applications for process management, Customer Relationship Management, apps for inventory management and SMM and SM services are the principal areas of the industry where Evisipro has provided it's services.

Some of the main areas of hospitality businesses where Evisipro's has its footprints:

  • CRM applications as per need of your business
  • Android & iPhone applications for online food ordering
  • Apps for inventry management using RFID
  • SM monitoring
  • Social Media Marketing and digital advertising