Today Retail is all about better, faster & leaner. The outlook for todays retailers is changing to operate with fast-paced society & technological changes. Customers wants for new, different & customized goods is high and they don't like wait time.

Retail is built on uncertainty but the businesses which know how to manage that uncertainty, make the success.

Industry challanges

Retail  industry faces challenges like :

  • Fast changing trends
  • Consumers do not allow wait time
  • Raid delivery & home delivery
  • Huge investments
  • New technology adoption

Why Evisipro ?

Evisipro understands and responds to this rapidly changing industry.

  • Strong portfolio of delivered services in Retail industry
  • Strong team of experienced people in the domain
  • Applications development for process improvement and SCM

How Evisipro delivers better business value...

Evisipro provides wide spectrum of application services in Retail industry around process improvement, acquisition & retention of customers, reliable supply chain & logistic systems always focus on profitable growth & long term business success. 

Footprint in Retail industry

Evisipro's cross-team expertise enable developing and implementing complex business work flows and helping achieve returns over entire value chain in retail domain.

Products and Solutions delivered in Retail industry are -

  • e-commerce portal
  • Online Market Place
  • Inventory management
  • Ads inventory management
  • Digital marketing