Education as a sector has diverse range of potential standards. Some areas where development of standards will be helpful which can be done through IT collaboration to manage students records, manage research proposals & outputs. Classroom interaction technology, Online learning, authorization services of resources and data security are some of the major areas where the industry has moved its focus to..

Industry Challenges

The prime challenges Education industry faces are:

  • Extreme competition
  • Increased regulations
  • Global education
  • Student's high expectations
  • Cost constraints

Why Evisipro ?

Wide experience of providing services in Education industry, strong technical expertise and clear understanding of processes make us deliver best quality and cost effective solutions.
  • Technical expertise on current and future technologies
  • Deep understanding of the domain
  • Experience in products development for the industry

How Evisipro delivers better business value...

Evisipro provides solutions serving education Industry to face the challenges & meet up better standards by combination of technical strengths, experience in the domain and cost effective solutions development.

Footprint In Education

Evisipro has developed highly cost effective and customized solutions for the Education industry. Planning, Operations, Analytic's, Records management are the areas of the industry Evisipro has served in.

Some of the main areas of Education Industry where Evisipro's has its footprints:

  • School ERP systems
  • e- learning applications
  • Remote Classroom infrastructure
  • Animation based CBTs