Due to new market scenarios and constantly emerging challenges, Defense industry keeps changing the way it serves the customers, collaborates with partners and develop solutions. Continuously increasing budget constraints, declination in new acquisitions and R&D, flux of new competitive technologies, profitability & cost pressure are major challenges confronting the defense Industry.
In coming years, the defense Industry must meet a series of challenges with view to establish defense Identity & Industrial Base.

Industry Challenges

The prime challenges Defense industry faces are:

  • Accelerating innovations
  • Cyber security
  • Export compliance 

Why Evisipro ?

Evisipro's strengths :
  • Understanding of development in cutting edge technologies
  • Deep understanding and expertise in the domain
  • Huge experience in implementation of IT technologies & services,
  • Strong experience in Engineering services
  • Leveraging Cross-team experiences to answer critical business problem
  • Justifying the 'Total Cost Of Ownership'

How Evisipro delivers better business value...

Evisipro's deep domain expertise and strong technical teams help deliver best solutions to the complex problems of Defense industry. Identifying and providing technically sound and cost effective solutions to Defense industry's has been proven over 10 years.

Footprint In Defense

Evisipro has been part of many small and large defense programs. In some cases, the involvement was since concept development. Projects are developed since the scratch or even picked up from different stages of their developments and delivered.

Some of the main areas of defense industry where Evisipro's has its footprints:

  • Battle field equipment
  • In house systems & vehicles
  • Space research programs
  • Training programs
  • Engineering products, etc