Acquiring & Retaining Customers Using CRM

The system which synchronizes marketing along with sales is a CRM, it work as two way communication between marketing & sales department so you can close more deals efficiently. CRM help to analyze performance of both the departments & also give feedback to make correction at right time.

 What is CRM ?

Customer Relationship Management is worldwide accepted strategic software application that let companies manage & track their interaction with existing & potential customer.

For example how many leads & qualified are in your database as well as their demographic information like name,gender,location,profession,email address, contact no etc. Using CRM you can also track how often your sales team gets contact with those leads & how they interact with them.

Activities of Sales, Marketing & Customer support department get align by implementing CRM.

Customers (New/Existing) Database at your fingertips

CRM provides lots of information regarding customers & makes it available to sales team so that they can quickly access information about prospect or existing customers.
This approach makes sales team more effective & more productive.

Using CRM sales professional done more work in less time, they do not need to search all over the place for customer information. It is work as well organized dashboard which gives analyzed data within seconds.

As result this easy access to filtered customer data for sales team leads to enhanced customer satisfaction & retention. The reputation earn from existing customers will increase & cost related to support service will be reduced.

The more any organization knows about their customers it will be easy for them to identify the new prospects & increase overall customer base.

When do you need CRM  ?

The businesses that are having rapid customer acquisition growth then for those enterprises early investment on CRM is necessary.

If your business manually document lead, customer & sales information you could even design some wonderfully complex excel sheets but it won't be a long term solution to manage the large customer base.

If your business dealing with this type of lead & customer volume, it is a indication that you need to make asset investment in CRM system.

How to go for CRM vendor choice ?

When you go in market to purchase CRM software always list out the functions which required to your sales & marketing process & which you require in future.   

Then sort out which vendor best able to fulfill your requirement & stay with you as you grow. You do not need to overpay by purchasing extra stuff which you do not need. The best solution is to customize your CRM software from software Development Company.

How Evisipro can help?

Every Industry is classifiable. Evisipro have distilled best practices for our customer & our extensive experience to configure appropriate CRM solutions for different industries.

 Our Industry Solutions

1.     Education: Establish a unique & growing database of educational institutions, student information, enrollment time frames etc.
2.     Healthcare: Improve care delivery with extensive patient information, lower cost, eliminate paper work & streamline patient interaction
3.     Retail: From point of sale transaction to customer engagement via SMS & email campaign to complete loyalty program
4.    Manufacturing: Work seamlessly with your current system & extend them to track field operations in sales & service

posted by Leena Deokar on Nov 18,2013


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