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Web based Portals -

Since the day internet is invented to do simple job of electronic information transmission, it is constantly growing bigger and complex every next minute. Internet is world's largest space without terrestrial boundaries and laws. The number of people connecting on Internet is growing with unthinkable rate.

During first decade of twenty first century this number has multiplied almost by six times. In 2013 there are more than 2 billion people connected on the internet. The number of mobile phone subscribers has increased from roughly 700 million to over 6 billion.

The reach of internet is spreading every small corner of the planet with the speed of wind. If technology keeps growing with the same speed, by 2025 majority of the world's population will be accessing world's information through a handheld device.

This amazing growth of internet world opens great opportunities for industries to do their business across the globe. However, challenges for industries are how to make best use of these technologies to achieve maximum competitive benefits.

Then choosing best and cost effective services available in the market which will give justice to the investments is the next bigger challenge in front of CXO's.

Business Portals -

Now-a-days organizations, institutions, consultancies, groups and even individuals are on the move to have their fully functional, advanced and up-to-date business offices opened on the Web.

These virtual offices demand ease of use, data security, best look and feel, smooth operations, easy navigation's and secured money transactions. Meet these requirements in fast changing technological scenarios have been top challenges for service provides.

Challenges in Web Portal based businesses -

Developing an effective Business Portal and Managing the business from this portal is an all time challenge. The success of business on web highly depends on domain expertise and technology expertise available.

This is an essential need that experts from business and IT should work in close association during development and execution of the web based business.
Organizations can achieve this by partnering with internal IT capacity or external business experts.

One another aspect of web business is the span of presence of business in web space. Longer the span of your portal in web space more is the value. To be in competitive, enterprises and businesses need to develop & deploy their personalized web portals in time.

Digital marketers working on the portals are playing very vital role in web based businesses. Digital marketer's Decision making widely depends on the analysis of data and clear understanding of indications from digital market and digital marketing.

Entrepreneurs can take decision of investing into personalized web portal, be competitive in the market and take the business to the next level.

posted by Yogesh Ghorpade  on Jan 10,2014


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