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5 Essential Reasons To Redesign Your Website

In today's Digital Era the importance of Website in any Industry is getting rated higher and higher over the years. Innovation in Technology combined with educated consumers have made sales tougher for those businesses which are stuck in more traditional Marketing & which do not have their Own company website yet - A Personalized Website (PW).

Key concepts

  • 1/3 of Indian consumers spend at least 3 hours online everyday
  •  Research phase of Consumer buying cycle - Previously consumers used to do offline research before buying decisions however now they prefer to do it online
  • These days Users prefer to visit your Personalized Websites though you are shown on B2B or B2C portals
  •  These days online research has advanced to a level where likes, shares, comments, reviews, etc have taken precedence in decision making
  •  Now day's Personalized Website has become the source for customers to find, discover, share, shop & connect with products/services.  

Most of  the businesses are focusing on the Looks of a website. However, Business websites should give more importance to why prospect customers are going to visit your Website.

We recommend you the 5 Essential points to keep in Mind while developing your Website. 

1. Who is your Target Audience?

- First thing which you should know is your Target Market Segment & consumer's behavior to which you are trying to reach with your website. This will help you to design your website

2. Make sure you have relevant content for your Website

- Website should show relevant content to the right people at the right time. The relevant content means you have your pulse on what your industry Market is saying & what customers are looking for

3. Easy Navigation

- Website should have easy navigation - Make sure the viewer can get where they want to go with least possible number of clicks. Its very important to engage visitors on your website which may result in lead

4. Adoptive Website

- People are connected to internet via Smartphone, Tablet, I-Pad, Desktop, Laptop. Its important for Website to be adoptive to different screen size devices so that it can be user friendly for the customers to read the content as well as to navigate

5. Indexed well on Search Engines

- Your website should recognize by search Engines (Google,Yahoo,Bing). For that you need to ensure that each page has its own purpose & relevant content .Once done with content , go for the methods where you naturally optimize your copy ,URL,Title etc. with keywords what your prospect customers are looking for 

posted by Leena Deokar on Nov 18,2013


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