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Guide to grow your Business Using Digital Marketing

There was an era of ads where prospects were bombarded with print and TV ads. But now with emerging Digital Trend, it offers Digital or Online Marketing and advertisements. This is an obvious cost effective method for generating more and more leads. 

Quick overview of Today's Internet Marketing Stat : 

1.    Emails open on Smartphones & Tablets have increased up to 75% to 80% over the last six months
2.    Roughly 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments
3.    Six out of ten Smartphone owners are using their Mobile Devices to shop online
4.    27% of TV sets shipped worldwide in Q1 of 2012 had Internet Connectivity
5.    45% of the world's 2 billion Internet users live in Asia

Now the questions arise are :-

a) What is Digital Marketing ??
b) Which are the communication channels for digital marketing ??
c) How can I make use of it to increase my sales and revenue ??

What is Digital Marketing ( DMK ) ??

DMK defined in simple words : - 

Marketing activities which need digital channels like Web, E-mail, Search Engines, Social Media, Mobiles / Wireless to achieve profitable acquisition & retention of customers for Businesses is called as Digital Marketing.

Fundamental Communication Channels of Digital Marketing :-

There are some vital communication channels of DMK which are established and widely accepted as standard ways of DMK. Four principal channels are rendered here:

1.       Social Media Marketing :

Nowadays, Social Media is spreading all over; all age group people are now on Social Media platform. Social Media becomes an effective marketing channel for businesses, some of them are using this channel for branding & some for lead generation. But the most important thing for social media strategy development is to know what you want to get out of social media efforts (Lead generation or branding). So, this will help you to drive your short term and even long term business goals.

2.    Search Engine Marketing : 

Search Engine Marketing stands for both Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click. Using this way of marketing, communication enterprises show the Ads to those people who are actually searching for their products/services. This factor increase possibilities of returns on investment in Search Engine Marketing.

3.    Email Marketing: 

Email communication is form of direct marketing. Marketers used email marketing to show their offers to targeted customers; it has also made consumers excited  when they actually do get an email that is helpful, interesting and innovative. Email Marketing is one of the strong channels of digital marketing.

4.    Interactive Videos :

YouTube come up with great features for Marketers to attract & engage customers to their brands. Video Ads on YouTube often gain attention from online audiences which increase the traffic to your website.
How can I make use of DMK to increase my sales and revenue ??

  • Digital Marketing draws qualified buyers directly to your Business doorstep
  • With digital marketing, you can make available the needed informative contents for your prospects at the perfect time in their buying process
  • It explores Social Media. So the fans of your products and services will tell their experiences and share your contents within their friends and families
  • Further fueling traffic to your Website and increasing leads for your Business
  • Create place in customers' mind, retain customers and build relationship which differentiate you from your competitors
  • ln a nut shell, increase in the sell, higher ROI and repeat sell is very much achieved with Digital Marketing

posted by Leena Deokar on Nov 16,2013


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