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Evisipro Approach

In today's competitive world, every Industry is seeking ways to reduce costs while continuing to innovate. The most commonly implemented strategy is to outsource to the vendors. Prime advantages of outsourcing are cost cutting, increased revenues by reducing time to market, availability of additional resources which will help top management to focus on business extension ideas.

Many of Outsource Vendors fails to prove expectation of client & also unable to deliver desired result within time frame. 

Why product development fails ??

1.Lack of core Industrial experience.
2.Came from background of delivering IT services, hence not able to develop complex business software products. 
3.They gave more importance to processes (ISO & CMM certified), processes itself cannot bond to give final results, nor can it substitute for domain expertise & quality of developers.

How Evisipro can help??

 A-F-I-T model, Evisipro's Analyze- frame up-Implement-Transform model helps you to analyze your complex business processes & help you to define flaws in the Business Process under the guidance of our domain expertise. It's an exclusive approach to product/software development in which we bring our devoted development team to work with you as one team.

How A-F-I-T model Works??

Once Evisipro starts work as technical partner with you , we understand your short term project goal & help you to make road-map to achieve it using our A-F-I-T Model 

Analyze: It is the first step towards the problem; our core development Team & industry Expert analyze the business process, detect the flaws in the business process & try to find solution for complex business processes. Our Industry Experts gives their valuable inputs which help core development team to architect & design best suited solution to the client problems.

Frame Up: After finalizing project requirements, we build a team with required skill set to develop the software solution to defined problem. Core development team gives KT to the dedicated development team with the analysis results. 

Implement: Development team build up the development processes & starts coding for the software. The core development team is also there to handle the spikes in the development process.  Once done with coding, testing & validation starts from both end (client & Evisipro).

Transform: The final product delivered to the client within the timeline. With the final solution Evispro transform the client business to the future optimistic Enterprise. 
To Sum up
You need a trusted partner who understands the way you work and is capable of setting up an dedicated team who can resolve your problem with your way of working.  Evisipro has set up their approach by keeping client needs in mind.

posted by Leena Deokar on Nov 18,2013


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